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Music fills the infinite between two souls. Rabindranath Tagore

Life and Death: Selig sind die Toten

During the season 2014-2015, Passages is exploring how composers have tried to express the great mystery of Life and Death. The first concert of this new season will gather three of the great masters of the German Baroque: Bach, Telemann and Zelenka. Their approaches of these matters will range from the fearful expectations of the catholic Miserere (Zelenka) to the serene warmth of a protestant motet (Telemann "Selig sind die Toten"). Bach, through an orchestral Suite, will lead us towards life through the dances of his time.
Join us on 15 November 2014 at the Holy Trinity Church in Brussels.

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As “Passenger” you will be invited to attend our rehearsals, and to participate in presentations of the ensemble. You will be kept abreast of our plans and – if you are interested – you can be associated to our promotion activities and become our “ambassador”...

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